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Permanent facial hair removal for women - What is your options

For a growing number of women dealing with undesirable facial hair on a regular basis is just too much of a problem so they are turning to permanent facial hair removal methods. Let’s be honest we have all become frustrated with painful tweezing or shaving just to watch the them all grow back and for many of us this has just become a too much and we want them gone forever.

To achieve permanent facial hair removal for women you have to burn the hair follicle during the anagen phase, the first stage of hair growth. The other stages of the growth of hair are the catagen and telogen phases. In the anagen phase, the hair grows a centimetre monthly. It is during this time when permanent solutions are used to weaken the hair follicle so that growth will be delayed.

Different Types of Permanent Facial Hair Removal Methods

For permanent facial hair removal, women will find that there are three main methods of doing this. These are laser hair removal, electrolysis and topical medications.

Laser hair removal – This treatment uses a light with a precise wavelength directly hitting the hair follicle so as to destroy it. It shall then generate lesser hair growth. Not everyone can undergo laser therapy especially those with dark skin as they will endure hyper-pigmentation or lasting skin damage due to the quantity of melanin in the skin.

Laser permanent facial hair removal is costly and will demand several sessions. The side effects will include swelling, tenderness and redness which would eventually lessen a few days after the treatment. Other side effects are scarring and blistering.

Electrolysis – Another way to permanently remove facial hair is through electrolysis. This method uses an electric current to make the hair follicle deteriorate. This method, along with the laser treatment, must be administered by a licensed practitioner so as to achieve permanent results. Because this is an expensive permanent facial hair removal for women method, many insurance companies do not pay for them.

Electrolysis involves weekly treatments running for a year or two to achieve lasting results. One should avoid sunlight when undergoing this. The side effects of electrolysis are keloids and skin discoloration.

Topical medication – These are generally cream such as Vaniqa that be applied to remove facial hair. This is approved by the FDA and can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription. It is placed on the affected area daily to keep facial hair from growing. With this permanent facial hair removal, it would take a couple of months for the effect to manifest.

Vaniqa should not be applied on broken skin, pimples or acne. It should only be applied on the face. If one does not use it daily, the hair grows back. The side effects of this medication are burning, stinging and redness.

Natural Permanent Hair Removal

If these methods are out of your budget or you just don´t fancy using them there are some natural methods of removing facial hair that can be tried at home. Such natural remedies are inexpensive however they may not be as effective.

Haldi and Besan

When one mixes water, a pinch of the turmeric haldi and the gram flour besan, this can produce a hair removal remedy. After mixing them and forming a paste, this should be applied onto unwanted hair. After application, the paste should be allowed to dry before rubbing off the flakes it makes. The hair would come off with the flakes.

Pumice Stone

One should use a pumice stone when washing the face. It will remove facial and body hair after some time so it should be done daily. Apply mild soap on the face and then gently scrub them with the pumice stone.

Lemon, Sugar and Honey

Ingredients in the kitchen can also effectively remove hair including lemon, sugar and honey. Mixing these in a bowl and placing it in a microwave for two minutes is a permanent facial hair removal technique.

After heating this mixture, a thin layer of it should be rubbed on the unwanted facial hair. This should then be covered with a clean fabric and then rubbed in the opposite way of where the hair grows. Afterwards, the fabric should be pulled off swiftly to take out the hair.

Sandpaper and Spearmint Tea

Another way to effectively remove unwanted facial and body hair is sandpaper. It must however be applied gently especially on sensitive skin such as the face. This natural permanent facial hair removal is more ideal to be used on the body as body skin is stronger than facial skin. High levels of testosterone cause growth of unwanted hair and when drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea daily, this lowers it.

Ladies don´t be up upset with unwanted hair on the face any longer. If you feel that you have had enough going through the routine of trying to deal with facial hair issues or are just not content with the results that temporary methods give you then make the step towards using one of these permanent facial hair removal techniques and deal with the problem once and for all.