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Stages of Writing Process:From Prewriting to Publication

Writing is a process where the ideas come naturally and the writer adopts a unique way to pen them down. Every writer refers to a different writing process or they would improvise the traditional one according to their writing needs. Some like to be inspired first and write while some write from their imagination. The beauty of writing pieces from the unique process of writing of each writer, however, everyone follows the basic five steps writing process. 

So, even if you are a new writer, you can develop one quickly by following these stages of the writing process. Then as you go writing, you will find your own unique writing process too.

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Stages of Writing Process

Here we are discussing, five basic stages of the writing process for any type of well-composed cause and effect essay. Read till the end, we have some tips for you too!

  • Prewriting

To avoid starting into the void a long time before you can start writing, follow this simple step. Prewrite and sketch ideas onto paper before you begin writing. Some writers ignore this step and jump to drafting. Due to this, they have a lot of tiring work while revising and editing. Make a rough sketch of your ideas with a good essay format in a sequence.

  • Drafting

Next with your ideas and sketch, you are ready to begin writing. Write in a flow and do not worry about the grammar or sentence structures. This is the time you can freely write onto the paper.

  • Revision

After you have composed a draft, now it is time to convert into a great writing piece. Start by reading the draft. As you read, you will realize there are many things missing, add those details. Focus on the sequence of the plot. The plot should be in order so that the reader can easily understand. If I were to write my rhetorical analysis essay, I would put all the details in order. Here’s the time to remove all the extra information that may bore the reader. Instead, add those bots of information in a much more interesting way.

  • Editing

During editing, there are a lot of things you have to consider to make it perfect. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, sentence structure, repetition, and much more. You have to be thorough and look closely at each word placement. We write from our imagination, so we might forget to add detail from imagination. But a reader imagines through the writing piece, they will is not able to recreate the image until you them all the details. Or at times, some details create confusion too. So edit till it is perfect!

  • Publishing

These is the final steps in the writing process. You can either get it printed or publish online. Now the books are mostly being published online as getting a hardcopy costs more. If you wish to publish it in hard form, you can contact a publisher.

Bonus Tips:

As promised, here are the tips related to the writing process.

  • If you write as a hobby, then you must usually write when you are free or when you feel like it. But even if it is a hobby, we suggest you plan and schedule it a bit. Also, as you have finished one piece, plan about the next too.
  • Always look for ideas and develop an inquisitive mind. Great writers get their ideas from real life and portray them beautifully. Stay alert for the stories you hear and you can mold them into your writing piece next time you write. 

Now you know enough about the writing process. You can also read about the writing process of great writers. Whether it is for an assignment or as your leisure activity, following the process will help you create amazing writing. Once you learn how to follow the basic ones, you can customize your own writing processalong with some demonstration speech ideas with more steps.


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