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Field Engineer - Generator Specialist

The essential obligation of the Generator Specialist Technical Field Advisor (TFA), is to securely achieve the upkeep and fix of the hard core generators utilized in power age applications. Generator Specialists are answerable for exploring plant designing reports, P&ID's, investigating of plant frameworks, blackout arranging; just as coordinating work, devices and materials to finish work scopes as indicated by authoritative necessities.

Basic Function

Lead execution of ventures, including: visual test and assessments, electrical test and examinations, field and stator rewinds, and other general fixes

Perform examination and testing of the generator field and stator using the most recent innovation. (Enchantment Jr. and Sr. investigation, Digital/Analog EL-CID, Flush and Bake slide (FAB), Quick pallet, Capacitance Mapping, Tracer Gas, Vacuum Decay, Pressure Decay, 60 Hertz AC HIPOT test set, Wedge Tapping, Computer Based Reporting device), Epoxy Injection, UT Flow, Hazmat preparing and different subjects as business needs emerge

Answerable for coordinating specialty work and winders during fixes and Inspections

Approve method, quality, and assessment documentation

Pre-blackout arranging; conceivably suggesting and directing strategies and methodology

Perceive, Predict and record potential generator disappointments.

Present to the client precise generator quality issues as introduced and chosen by Generator Product Service and local generator masters.

Perform different obligations as allocated

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