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How To Get Mail Order Shrooms In Canada

When you buy shrooms on-line in Canada, you’ll realise that it’s fairly easy to order magic mushrooms given that the website menu is simple to navigate. Simply look at the products you’d wish to attempt- whether that be the OG dried mushrooms or microdose capsules- and be happy to take advice from our customer support team for the most effective results.

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Shroom merchandise

The first time you buy shrooms on-line in Canada can seem slightly daunting when you’ve never tried to order magic mushrooms earlier than. There’s so many various shroom merchandise that it could possibly seem overwhelming. Here’s a little breakdown of what psilocybin mushrooms are on supply.
One thing to notice is that all psilocybin mushrooms have the technical name of psilocybe cubensis, so when you see ‘cubensis’ hooked up to any products, there’s no must freak out- it’s simply the flowery umbrella term for shrooms.Psilocybin is the chemical found within the mushroom that causes hallucinogenic results.

Dried shrooms

The most popular and conventional shrooms products in Canada are dried psilocybin mushrooms. Most orders we get are for big quantities of dried shrooms; this is simply because they’re the cheapest approach to get a high quality journey, and because they’re the most recognizable shrooms products on the menu.

Dried shrooms are exactly how they sound; actually simply psilocybin mushrooms that have been dried to protect high quality and allow ingestion. Most folks bake them into things or turn them into tea, which is much tastier than consuming the dried product on its own.

At The Magic Dispensary, we assure that each time you buy shrooms online, you’re shopping for mushrooms rated 5 00 out of 5 every single time. We always recommend buying bulk orders of dried psilocybe cubensis to get free express transport and the best offer on worth.


A new basic, the humble edible is taking on the sport of mushrooms online canada. Our menu features chocolates and gummies on the market to get that good trippy feeling without the gross flavor of dried shroom.


Microdose capsules are greatest for those wanting optimistic psychological advantages without tripping. Take capsules each few days for a extra productive work day, or extra frequently for an express journey to PMA.

How to get mail order shrooms

To order magic mushrooms on-line, comply with these easy steps and you’ll have shrooms at your door very quickly!

First, you should find a mushroom dispensary that fits you and your needs. Think about what sort of shroom experience you need to have- are you trying to feel the complete psychedelic effects, or simply want the useful mental results with out the hallucinogenic experience?

Your solutions to those questions will determine what type of dispensary you go two. Online dispensaries are presently split into two camps: medicinal magic mushroom stores, which goal to alleviate symptoms of melancholy and nervousness in customers by way of microdose shrooms, and leisure shroom stores, which supply a wide range of great, dried shrooms, edibles, and rather more.


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