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Cheap online shopping with sale seasons in US

1. New Year's Day - New Year's Day in America
The New Year (January 1 of solar calendar) begins a series of holidays in America . This is also one of the biggest sales seasons within the US of the yr. The sale will begin from after Christmas till the top of the New Year holiday. This can be an opportunity to liquidate the old year stock of shops and brands to import new goods.
You can see that this sale in the US has a reduction of 40% - 75%, the sale interval lasts from two to 4 weeks. The most discounted goods on this event are normally winter fashion, home home equipment and health tools, electronics, ...
2. Valentine - Valentine's Day
This is a must-eat event for outlets, supermarkets and also for trend objects, footwear, perfumes and cosmetics. And Chocolate can also be one of the best-selling item, not only in America but worldwide. Many Vietnamese users prefer American products who're keen to spend cash, order in the US, and return to Vietnam. There are also couple merchandise such as shirts, shoes, towels, hats, family home equipment, ... additionally obtain preferential reductions from 30%.
The sale day in the US begins from February 5, and runs till Valentine's Day February 14th. But most of the Valentine discounts this season are solely about 20% - 50%, and only last more than 1 week.
three. Easter Day - Easter
This is one of the most important holidays for Christians. It normally starts any Sunday between March 22 and April 25, on the calendar of that 12 months. Due to the lack of time, the discount days within the US are often lengthy.
The discounted objects on this event embrace Easter rabbits, easter eggs, candles, Easter decorations. And promotions are also quite strong from 30% to 70%, and last for two weeks.
Xanh Lo introduces the next Easter holidays in the US: April 1, 2018; April 21, 2019; April 12, 2020. You can schedule your subsequent purchase for next 12 months on this calendar.
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