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Best Places to visit in Philadelphia

Imagine bringing a person you care about a lot to your city for the first time. In addition to the places of most significant interest, you will indeed show her what you like best, the one that is most dear to you: the heart of the city. Well, you can't go to the United States without knowing where America's heart started beating. Philadelphia is this, a beating heart from which the New World has arisen. But once you've arrived in Philadelphia, what to see? Let's find out the best places to visit in Philadelphia. If you are planning to have a vacation there, try making your bookings using Frontier  Airlines reservation option for a better flying experience.  


Hometown of Louisa May Alcott, Andy Warhol and Grace Kelly, it's an elegant and vibrant city full of things to do. In 2015 it entered the UNESCO list as a World Heritage Site for its significant historical and cultural value. To understand what to see in Philly (as Americans affectionately call it), we must first know how the city is arranged, which could be divided into two parts: the first, the Old Town, stands on the bank of the Delaware River and is the area where the historical attractions are concentrated; the other, crossed by the Schuylkill River, is the University City, the trendy neighbourhood that looks just like a university town. 


The Park of History


The Old City begins at the point where the Independence National Historical Park ends, which has been called "the richest square mile in history in all of America". Without a doubt, you cannot come to Philadelphia without seeing a park so full of places of interest. The first stop I recommend is the Liberty Bell Center, where you can find the bronze bell whose toll accompanied the first reading of the Declaration of Independence. In addition to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Congress Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Museum are worth seeing. In short, the things to see are countless, the 22 hectares of park are a real concentrate of American history.


Society Hill and Elfreth's Alley, the best places to visit in Philadelphia


The old city formed the original nucleus of Philadelphia along with Society Hill, the upscale residential neighbourhood with red brick houses, stately doors and the American flags on the windows. The buildings date back to the eighteenth century and hiding in the streets of the neighbourhood will make you enter the history of this city. Besides, if you liked Society Hill and its community, then you will be enchanted by Elfreth's Alley which resembles an English street of the 1800s told by the Bronte Sisters. It's a pretty cobbled street that boasts a reputation of being nothing less than America's oldest street. If you are travelling with your loved ones, this street would be best to click those stunning instagrammable photos. 


Adventure Aquarium 


If you are travelling with your kids, then Adventure Aquarium is the best place for you. If you are planning to celebrate your child's birthday in an Aquarium, this is the right place for you. In this beautiful place, surrounded by fascinating inhabitants of the ocean, you can even celebrate your wedding. An ideal place for families where children can feed the penguins or watch the hippos go to sleep, as well as witness the exotic turtles and the king of the sea, the shark. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Philadelphia


An evening on a Cruise


Last but not the most fun and enjoyable part. An evening aboard a cruise ship with dinner, music and the magical Philadelphia skyline before your eyes. An evocative experience that will give you another point of view of the city. Try making your Philadelphia flight bookings using Frontier Airlines reservation options for the best deals and discounts. 


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