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Machine Vision Inspection System and Method

In one embodiment, movement speeds and dummy points may be decided by using recognized numerical control path planning methods corresponding to those recognized and/or commercially available for machine instruments, coordinate measuring machines, and the like. Alternatively, such operations may be carried out manually based on the known goal positions and machine movement control limitations. The management system portion 120 is additional usable to inspect workpiece features in such workpiece inspection images, and to retailer and/or output the inspection results. This course of is repeated for multiple pictures within the set of photographs that were captured.

Such machine vibration may very well barely distort the body of a typical machine vision inspection system and alter the expected dimensional relationship between the stage, the workpiece, the camera, and the place encoders of the system. Thus, a major "vibration settling time" must be allowed after the motion is "stopped" and earlier than taking a precision workpiece inspection image. (The vibration settling time may be known as a settling time, a mechanical settling time, or a mechanical latency, herein.) Such a settling time could also be on the order of 10's of milliseconds, or 100's of milliseconds, or much more, for numerous mechanical methods and numerous required precision levels.
However, it should be appreciated that any such instruments, whether or not presently available or later developed, can be similarly used to determine image acquisition settings and to later carry out image inspection operations, in various exemplary embodiments based on this invention. A machine vision inspection system and method is supplied for growing the general machine imaginative and prescient inspection system throughput of certain precision machine imaginative and prescient inspection operations. In explicit, in various exemplary embodiments the strategy includes performing a set of image acquisition operations for a workpiece with a timing that's independent of the timing of associated picture inspection operations for the workpiece.

The inventors have also determined that intermittent stopping and beginning of the relative movement between the digital camera and the stage or workpiece is particularly problematic for precision machine imaginative and prescient inspection techniques. As one instance, rapidly decelerating and/or stopping the relative stage movement inevitably induces a machine vibration that is important for precision imaging and precision measurement.

This course of is repeated for a number of pictures in a set of photographs which are to be captured. It also needs to be appreciated that, previous to capturing every of the pictures the consumer will generate workpiece program instructions that select a lens having a desired magnification and that activate a number of of the light sources to provide a desired illumination of the workpiece 20 during picture acquisition.

In many circumstances it is not practical to significantly reduce or get rid of this settling time. Furthermore, is it isn't practical to precisely characterize the settling time with respect to all possible working conditions. Thus, for the most reliable and precise operation, a worst case settling time must repeatedly be assumed and allowed for previous to any precision picture acquisition. It must be appreciated that in numerous exemplary embodiments according to this invention that use a strobe lighting capability, the relative position between the digicam and stage or workpiece that corresponds to the workpiece inspection photographs should be identified to the required precision. In common, this requires that the place values that are tracked in the movement management interface 132 of the control system portion a hundred and twenty alongside the previously discussed X, Y and Z axes, should be latched on the nominal time of the exposure of the corresponding picture, and saved in relation to that picture.

Accordingly, for a given stage lighting degree behind such a hole or periphery, the sunshine depth that will be obtained in the ensuing pictures is comparatively well known based mostly on known characteristics of the machine vision inspection system. Therefore, the entire lighting vectors in such circumstances may be set to the identical applicable default value. In numerous exemplary embodiments, for such instances a stage light level may be advantageously set at a level that corresponds to approximately 70-eighty% of the response vary of the digital camera of the machine vision inspection system. At a block 530, a set of motion speeds , dummy positions , and lighting vectors are determined for buying the set of workpiece inspection photographs .

Such movement management systems are commercially obtainable and usually known to considered one of strange talent within the art. Accordingly, such a trigger signal can be used to manage one or each of a strobed mild source and/or the image acquisition camera, to acquired a workpiece inspection image at a desired target position in accordance with the principles of this invention. The control system portion one hundred twenty is usable to determine picture acquisition settings and/or acquire a picture of the workpiece 20 such that the input image of the workpiece 20 has desired picture characteristics in a region of interest that includes a workpiece function to be inspected. In specific, these directions will cause the machine vision inspection system to control the workpiece stage 210 and/or the camera system 260 such that a specific portion of the workpiece 20 is within the subject of view of the digicam system 260 and at a desired focus state.

In numerous exemplary embodiments, only the addition of machine vision inspection software program methods and/or modifications according to the principles of this invention are included in the retrofit modifications. In specific, this method is possible for methods which include a digicam offering comparatively short shutter or exposure times, and/or that already include a strobe lighting functionality. In various different exemplary embodiments, only lighting system modifications associated to offering a beforehand absent strobe lighting capability according to the ideas of this invention are included in the retrofit modifications.

The system includes a precision stage that is movable in a number of directions for scanning, measuring and inspecting chosen options of a workpiece. Smart Cameras are utterly self-contained methods which carry out all of the image processing and analysis work utilizing an on-board CPU. Smart Cameras often feature built-in lighting as nicely, making them ideal for easy functions corresponding to code reading.

Unfortunately, this simplicity just isn't without its drawbacks – on-board reminiscence is naturally restricted, which means that a comprehensive document of all merchandise inspected may not be possible. A PC based imaginative and prescient system makes use of cameras which transmit images to a control PC which coordinates image capturing and processing. PC-controlled techniques generally deliver faster processing occasions – which may be essential for extra complicated purposes – and carry the advantage of having way more memory to retailer totally different inspection profiles and inspection pictures. Well identified commercially obtainable video instruments may be chosen for the inspection operations, and corresponding operable device parameters could also be determined based mostly on basic or particular expertise and data to the machine vision inspection system that will run the inspection operations. Contact machine vision inspection system manufacturer to get your required machine

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