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Trung Son drugstore was established

Trung Son drugstore was established in 1997 and has gone through 23 years of development to become a favorite pharmacy chain in Can Tho city. As of 2017, the pharmacy has: 10 traditional stores 2 stores at the supermarket channel 1 Functional Food Center 1 Cosmetic Center - Spa - Aesthetic internal beauty 1 online sales channel.

Trung Son pharmacy - longtime partner of Hunter Douglas:
Trung Son pharmacy - longtime partner of Hunter Douglas
Trung Son pharmacy with a unique design that combines 3 colors: White, Green and Orange
15 years ago, Trung Son pharmacy decided to remake the signboard, so it came to Hunter Douglas, through discussion and work, the pharmacy decided to use the 84R sunshade system with 2 colors orange and green. on a white background in the design of the pharmacy facade helps bring an unmistakable brand name.

Trần nhôm Thanks to this change, along with the prestigious business of Trung Son drugstore, which has helped them develop, Trung Son pharmacy is now a prestigious pharmacy in Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. West. In 2020 and the coming years, the pharmacy is planning to expand more pharmacies in provinces across the country.

Trung Son pharmacy website:

The 84r blue shading bar makes the difference for Trung Son pharmacy:
lam chắn nắng Lam 84R is a 84R sunshade system with a variety of colors. Capable of bending, rotating angles. Sophisticated design. Uniform bonding system is calculated based on wind load. The product is made from high quality alloy material, 0.6mm thick, width: 84mm, depth: 16mm and maximum length: 6000mm.

Sunshade 84R 6

The lamination system is available in 17 standard Luxalon® colors or with PVDF coating. In addition, we can supply any color in the international RAL color chart.

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